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1. Installation

1.1. Requirements

Web Job Logs is designed to run on a Linux system, however is will most likely run on most Unices, and may at some point support Windows. There are various pakackages that Web Job Logs requires to run, some of which you are Standard and others which you will most likely need to install.

Here is a categorical list of them with a brief description.


Perl 5 - General Purpose Programming Language.
Apache - Web Server.
MySQL - SQL Database Server.


libpng - Library for Portable Network Graphics, needed for libgd.
zlib - Library of compression Functions, needed for libgd.
libgd - Library for Creation of Dynamic Graphics.

Perl Modules

Digest::MD5 - Used to generate MD5 checksums, WJL Passwords.
MIME::Base64 - For Base64 encoding data, Knowledge Base Files.
GD - An interface to libgd.
GDGraph - Use GD to Generate Graphs, for statistics.
DBI - Set of Generic Database Interfaces.
DBD-mysql - Interface to the MySQL database engine.

1.2. Install

The main installation process is automated, via a script.
Once you have extracted the Web Job Logs package you can execute the script.
Below I will extract the wjl-0.21 package and execute the script.

tar xzf wjl-0.21.tar.gz
cd wjl-0.21

You the script will ask you a simple set of question which I have annotated.

Web Job Logs Installer

Checking Dependencies
Digest::MD5	OK
Mysql		OK
Time::Local	OK
MIME::Base64	OK
GD::Graph	OK
Dependency Check Complete

Cleaning Old Files, please ignore errors.

The script first checks that you have all the required packages, if you see any errors at this stage you need to go check that you have all the require modules installed.
It then cleans up any previously generated files, which can generate harmless errors.

Where is your cgi-bin [/var/www/cgi-bin/wjl]:
Where is your www-root [/var/www/html]:
Where is your Perl modules directory [/usr/lib/perl5/5.6.0]:

The first set of questions are about where to place the actual CGI code and Cascade Style Sheets, then where to place the Web Job Logs Perl Module. The defaults are in the [] Brackets (Defaults based on a RedHat 7.1 System).

Configure Database [Yes]:
What username do you want your WJL admin to have [admin]:
What password should the WJL admin user have [changeme]:

The script then ask you if you would like to configure the MySQL database, the only time that you would say no is when you were doing an upgrade. If you say Yes then you will be ask the next two questions.
The seconds and third questions are what the username and password of the admin account should be, this is the first user account on the Web Job Logs system which you will need to login for the first time, once you have logged in for the first time and created other user accounts you can delete it if you wish.

What name should the Database user have [wjl]:
What password should the Database user have [changeme]:

These next to question ask you what MySQL user the database should run as if you are installing the database for the first time then this user will be created for you. If you are upgrading you need to make sure these are set to the same values as your initial installation.

What is the name of your organisation [noorg]:

Quite simply the name you the organisaion that will be using Web Job Logs, e.g. Long Road Sixth Form College. This will appear on the login screen and on the title bar of all the pages with in Web Job Logs.

Mangling Files

Setting Up MySQL Database
You maybe asked for your root password.
Enter password: 
If that worked you won't see any messages

Installing Files

Ok I think we are done

The script now alters/mangles the source files to your parameters then sets up the database, after which it copies the CGI and CSS files to the specified locations.
You will be asked for the MySQL root password, if you have not set one it will be blank and a simple return will suffice.

Done :)

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